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The climate crisis will define politics and economics throughout this century, impacting working people in every way.

From fast rising prices to food shortages, industrial change to floods and fires. The transition is underway but led by corporate interests at the expense of workers. Now more than ever we need to build workers’ power, to both halt industrial pollution and win a transition that is worker-led and fair.

We Make Tomorrow is a one day conference for building workers power on climate and crisis.


Organised by the Trade Union Caucus of the Climate Justice Coalition, We Make Tomorrow will bring together workers in key sectors with trade union officials, climate justice activists and scientists to explore what climate change means for us and what we should do about it. 


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Sarah Woolley

Sarah is the General Secretary of the Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union as well as President of the GFTU & an Executive Council Member of the TUC.


John Moloney

John is the Assistant General Secretary of the Public & Commercial Services Union

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Sam Mason

Sam is the Policy Officer for Sustainability and Climate Change at the Public & Commercial Services Union & a Coordinator of the Climate Justice Coalition Trade Union Caucus


Asad Rehman

Asad is the Director of global anti-poverty charity War On Want

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Sam Gurney

Sam is the Regional Secretary of the London, Eastern & South Eastern TUC

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Nicholas Beuret

Nicholas Beuret is a lecturer at the University of Essex. His research focuses on climate change, work and the transition to a low carbon economy. His forth coming book "The Green Squeeze: a war of transition" will be available from Verso Spring 2025.

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Rakhi Sehgal

Rakhi Sehgal is part of the Just Transition and Sustainable Transport team at the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), where she is the Just Transition Organizer.


Bob Sutton

Bob is a London Underground apprentice engineer, RMT member, former construction worker and long time climate activist

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Andy Warren

Andy is a London firefighter and Fire Brigades Union Rep.

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Camille Barbagalo

Camille is a feminist, mother and militant. Her research and organising has focused on how the reproduction of labour-power is valued, what it costs, and who pays the bill. She has worked as a trade union organiser and has been active in labour struggles in Australia, the United States and the Philippines.

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Todd Smith

Todd is a former airline pilot and Co-Founder of Safe Landing, an organisation of aviation workers advocating for climate solutions and long term employment

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Linda Clarke

Linda Clarke is a UCU member, Professor at the University of Westminster, part of the Centre for the Study of the Production of the Built Environment (ProBE), and on the steering group of the Greener Jobs Alliance. 


Mill Descent

Mill is a founding member of new land workers union SALT (Solidarity Across Land Trades)


Simon Pirani

Simon Pirani is an energy researcher, author of Burning Up: A Global History of Fossil Fuel Consumption, and one of the organisers of the Stop the Silvertown Tunnel Coalition.

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Megan Demeo

Megan is the chairperson of Unite Hospitality in the South East of England


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Trade Union Breakouts 

Connect with others in your trade union. Together, explore the issues from problems to solutions. And then make plans to organise to win climate justice for all! 


Planes, Trains & Automobiles - Transport for People & Planet

Transport is the fastest growing source of UK carbon emissions and studies are predicting tens of thousands of job losses in automotive and aviation industries. At the same time public rail and bus travel is privatised and squeezed. Discuss the solutions for a just transition with rail, automotive and other transport workers. 


From Farm to Plate: Growing a Fair Food System

What can be more vital or fundamental than feeding our society? And yet, from farm work to hospitality and retail via distribution, low pay, dangerous work and minimal job security is the common experience for workers in our corporate food system. Meanwhile, carbon emissions from agriculture and transport are major contributors to climate change. How do we grow good green food?

Climate Against Austerity.jpg

Health, Care & Public Services: Good Green Jobs? 

Society urgently needs an expansion of low-carbon health, care, education and public/emergency services work. But much of it is low or unpaid, undervalued and under threat. How can we organise to take control of the public sector, recognise the most vital work and build the caring economy we need?

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Powering the Future: Energy, Buildings & Industry

Who can be in any doubt the energy system is broken? Consumers are ripped off and living in fuel poverty while leaky homes are the biggest source of UK carbon emissions and fossil fuel energy companies profit. Meanwhile workers in foundational industries like steel are also facing major attacks. How do we take control of how we make, move and power things?


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Plus: The London Hazards Centre; Bristol Energy Coop; Association Global Humaniste; Labour Resource Center (LRC); North American Climate, Conservation and Environment(NACCE).


Our team is a great place to meet likeminded trade unionists and climate justice activists. Our organising team is working on promotion, developing the program, raising funds and handling the logistics of the event. We will also need a team of volunteers to help run the conference on the day, and we might look to create some street outreach teams for leafleting/postering etc. Want to be involved? Just sign up below and we will be in touch!

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